Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Go-To

When I'm feeling any kind of discomfort or discouragement about sewing, my go-to for sewing is to make a set of curtains.  It's the best project to stretch your sewing legs.  If you want to remind yourself that sewing isn't just about breaking a nail (or needle, for that matter) or sewing uneven lines - make curtains. 

You learned here
that this is initially how my I got the "itch" for sewing.  Naturally, curtains has become my "go-to" when I need a quick pick-me-up in my sewing world.

A few tips/tricks:
1. Always iron your fabric before you sew.  Whether it's the whole piece of fabric or your edge.  It makes a world of a difference.
2. Always pin down the line before you sew.  It's time consuming but until you reach "Expert" status, PIN IT down, girl (or guy). 

3. Sew an extra-line at the top of your hem for an extra "fluff" at the top.  It gives your curtains a little pizazz. (I'll add a "how-to" on this later)
4. Remember: You have a seam-ripper for a reason.  Don't be afraid to use it.  I use mine all the time. :)
5.  Did you know there are actual sizes to your machine's needle?  If your sewing thick fabric and want some extra muscle for your machine, trade out your needle for a stronger one.  I was sewing a thick piece of interfacing with two other pieces of fabric and using a 9 needle.  I found a 14 needle made quite the difference.  I got this information regarding Singer Sewing machine needles (below) from Wikipedia here

Shank color Point type
red regular, for woven
yellow ball, for knits
blue heavy-duty, for denim
brown chisel, for leather
Shoulder color Shaft size
green 9 (thinnest)
orange 11
blue 14
purple 16 (thickest)

Whether you're sewing curtains or interfacing - remember that important piece of your machine - your needle!  Otherwise, you'll be breaking and bending needles more than you'll ever imagine.  I've already broken 1, bent 3 - all because I was using a 9 when I should have been using a 14 or 16.  
Finished product, however, ignore our unfinished back splash, please.

Anyone else out there have a "go-to" sewing project? 

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