Thursday, May 16, 2013

Keep Plowing

I remember a time in my life when my Mother gave me some very short, but awfully powerful words of encouragement.  "Keep your hands to the plow..."  It was a time when a few relationships were breaking and I was somewhere between fighting to keep them or moving on without them.  This is not exactly a place anyone ever wants to be, especially someone that is so relationship-oriented as myself.  You can imagine how this decision was more than my fragile heart could take.  My emotional, physical and spiritual health began to decline and my range of focus was gone.


Mom and Dad have always been fighters for me - fighters for our family and without question have always supported us.  They also have zero problems challenging us when we're in the wrong.  They have taught us to take responsibility when needed.  And, in cases like this, taught us to move forward, with my hands to the plow and keep doing God's work - even if that meant going without some relationships.  It's a really hard lesson, but one that has stuck with me. 

In keeping with this analogy - I can't help but think, what happens when a farmer doesn't keep his hands to the plow?  His rows are uneven, his horse (the one he's leading, ironically) gets off track and the harvest suffers.  But, what happens when you DO stay the course?  Callused hands.  My husband likes to brag from time to time about his callused feet and hands because they are markings of work - tattoos of labor.  (Also another reason why he says he'll never get a pedicure - he's proud of those calluses).  Ha!

So, from one set of callused hands to another - let me share a little from this Southern girl's heart:
  • Keep your hands to the plow, especially on days that you are tired, weary and heavy-laden.  Sometimes (maybe all the time?) God does His best work when we stop depending on ourselves. 
  • Don't look behind you.  It's a dangerous journey when you start to look behind and not at what's ahead.  You could even miss out on some really great stuff. 
  • Invest in tools that help CULTIVATE your harvest. I'm not a farmer, but I would guess that they invest in the best tools to help produce the best crop.  In the same way, invest in people that help cultivate the "fruit" in your life.  Are they watering and giving you sun to your soul?
  • Callused hands can lead to a bountiful harvest.  I doubt any farmer would look at a row of trees or fruit and say - "WOW, that was so easy!  It took absolutely no labor of love."
  • Your obedience and faithfulness in doing Kingdom Work, will always pay off.  The God I serve honors those that love Him and follow Him.  Hang in there. 
So, friends - keep those hands to the plow and remember that you may be surprised what those callused hands will produce...

With Southern Love,

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