Sewing Tips & Tricks

Sharing a few tips, trades, tricks and other tangible ideas to take home with you as you learn to sew.  

1. Always iron your fabric before you sew.  Whether it's the whole piece of fabric or your edge.  It makes a world of a difference.

2. Always pin down the line before you sew.  It's time consuming but until you reach "Expert" status, PIN IT down, girl.

3. Sew an extra-line at the top of your hem for an extra "fluff" at the top.  It gives your curtains a little pizazz. (I'll add a "how-to" on this later, so simple)

4. Remember: You have a seam-ripper for a reason.  Don't be afraid to use it, when you mess up a line, use your ripper to take the seam out and sew again.

5.  Did you know there are actual sizes to your machine's needle?  If your sewing thick fabric and want some extra muscle for your machine, trade out your needle for a stronger one.  I was sewing a thick piece of interfacing with two other pieces of fabric and using a 9 needle.  I found a 14 needle made quite the difference.  I got this information regarding Singer Sewing machine needles (below) from Wikipedia here

Shank color Point type
red regular, for woven
yellow ball, for knits
blue heavy-duty, for denim
brown chisel, for leather
 Shoulder color Shaft size
green 9 (thinnest)
orange 11
blue 14
purple 16 (thickest)

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