Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Overhead Projectors and Answered Prayers

Most people who know my family know that education is in our blood. With both of my parents in the education field, some would have guessed years ago that I, too, would travel the road to teaching. As a young child, one could often find me in my bedroom/“classroom” teaching my students of dolls, using an “overhead projector” made from a window, a flashlight, a piece of wax paper, and dry erase markers.

However, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided to make teaching my own path, my career choice. Growing up, I witnessed Mom grading papers all night, staying late in her classroom, and often traveling all over to see her students participate in extracurricular activities. I saw my Dad teach, coach, and ultimately earn his spot as an administrator—but it wasn’t easy. My family lived in schools. So, when it came time to decide my future, teaching didn’t seem all that appealing anymore. I wanted to do something different, to travel down a different road—one that my parents did not.  After almost four years serving in a residential treatment home for struggling teenagers, my childhood dream of teaching more than dolls suddenly seemed to have more meaning. During this rewarding season of my life, I experienced teenagers struggle through some of the most difficult times in their lives while trying to hold their heads above water in school. Perhaps this was the beginning of my path taking a new direction. Many people had given up on those students, while a select few of us began to actually invest in and care about their lives. Eventually they began passing classes, while others accomplished a goal they never thought they would—they graduated from high school.  In fact a few weeks ago, Jeff and I received a high school graduation invitation from one of our former students - we couldn't be prouder!  Working with Jeff these last few years in youth ministry has only amplified this desire to serve students again...

After years of praying and seeking the Lord's timing - starting in August 2013, I will finally have my own classroom, with real students (not dolls) and hopefully get that overhead projector I always wanted.  I'll be starting this new career at Brownsboro ISD as their new high school speech and debate teacher.  What a journey I have ahead of me?!

I am a product today of answered prayers, God's faithfulness AND His perfect timing.  Not to mention, an even better product of two educators that have gone before me and have paved the way.  I am so thankful and blessed to now follow in their footsteps into the world of teaching!  So, please, please read this with encouragement knowing that God is always faithful, always on time and hears our prayers.  The plan you think is great - God has a way of turning it around and making it even greater - way past anything you could ever imagine or hope for.  Be patient for that.  It's well worth the wait!

Ephesians 3:20 NIV "Now to HIM who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us."



  1. Emily,
    I couldn't be happier for you and your future. I know that those kids will be as blessed as I am, that they have such a wonderful teacher as you. I know that you've really encouraged me in my recovery, and also by just saying little things about me being in the IS Department. I hope that we stay in touch! And I am so blessed to have you as a friend, and hope that we will stay in touch!!! :)

    You are so encouraging, and seeing what God's doing in your life, is helping me to stay focused to achieve things in mine!!! Mercy Ships is losing such a great asset to the Organization!!!!

    Love ya!!!

    1. Jordan - you are so sweet!!! Thank you so much for such kind words and encouragement. I will certainly be around and stay in touch. I've made some lifelong friends here indeed!

      Bless you,