Creating a blog title can be a daunting task.  With more than just the average titles floating around in blogville, I knew I had to step up to the plate.  I asked my hubs one night, "I'm thinking of starting a sewing blog, what do you think I should call it?"  He quickly responded with it, "Sewendipity".  Genius. 

According to go 'ol Wikipedia, Serendipity is:


the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident
This was/is exactly how I feel about my discovery of sewing.  It was definitely an unexpected accident, but a fortunate one to say the least!  With a simple deletion of one and addition of another letter, we have SEWendipity.  The "Southern" portion was an easy add as being a Southern girl is a title I'll always claim.

This blog is dedicated to document my lessons, the wisdom I find, and to make tributes to those that help.  I hope to pass this on to my children, one day, as my mother and grandmother have passed on to me...I hope you find my adventures in sewing informative, honest, and at the very least...entertaining. 

Occasionally, I'll include posts from the heart, too!  I hope you enjoy and at the very least, feel welcomed to pass on my family tradition...

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