Monday, January 21, 2013

A Jolt of Reality

Hey Y'all,
I travel quite a bit for work and am reminded how much I love my husband during these trips.  I miss him very much when I am away from him.  It's only amplified when flights are delayed and trips become unexpectedly longer.  Last night, after my reunion with Jeff, I was jolted with an unbearable truth that he won't be here forever.  The times I miss him are only a small percentage compared to those that have lost loved ones and will not get the privilege to lay with their husband recanting their last several days while they were apart...

I did not know Jason Albright personally, but through other friends (and Jeff actually spent some time with him on a few occasions).  In fact, he worked at Heartlight before me.  I now feel an unusual feeling of pride that I have walked in his footsteps, after learning that his life was tragically taken this past Friday, following an automobile accident.  My heart has been heavy for his family and those dear friends he left behind.  Specifically, his wife and 6-month old baby.... His life was taken when helping someone else to safety.  He died loving and caring for those around him.  My words will never be able to adequately celebrate and honor his life, as I did not know him personally.  But, I did feel his life was more than just important and deserved to be honored in every way possible.  His lovely wife has written a small post on her Facebook page to celebrate Jason (I imagine the "shares" will only multiply over the next several days)...

"Jason's sharing service was just so wonderful. I was upheld in prayer and love in a way that felt tangible. It was so wonderful to hear everyone's stories. Jason D Albright was consistent- consistently passionate, dedicated, loyal, intelligent, loving, servant-hearted, silly, uninhibited, and so much fun. I hope he was listening. I think The Lord gave Jason his intense drive in life because his time on earth would be short, and he had a lot to do.

Amanda, the lady who Jason was trying to help move out of the road when he was hit, came to the service. We invited her and I am so glad she came. I want her to know my Jason, and the love of our Lord, and that no one blames her. She shared with me that right before the car hit, she was looking at Jason, and there was a light shining from his face that was so bright, she had to turn her head away. In the next second, the car hit Jason and the other man, and then rolled over Amanda's arm, missing her head by inches. God was in that moment.

I am wearing Jason's wedding ring on a necklace. It has deep groves etched into one side where his hand hit the pavement. When I rub those grooves, it reminds me of the kind of man he is.

Just now, as I was typing, I heard Jason's cell phone alarm go off in the kitchen. It plays Bella's Lulliby. I held his phone and listened to the music and cried. It was like he was here....We were able to find Jason's phone on the side of the road the day after the accident. The screen is shattered and the battery was dead. Someone had plugged it in last night. At 5am his alarm for work went off, just like any other Monday. It's time to wake up Honey."

Give extra hugs and "I love you's" today.  Live a life like Jason did, with no reserves.  Live your life following Christ.   The reality is that Jason is not here anymore, but I believe the better reality is that Jason is now sitting at the throne of Jesus, banqueting at the King's table and dancing with angels....

With so many others, I celebrate his life and his first face-to-face meeting with his Savior today!