I just want to take a second and give major "shout-outs" to the following blogs and other related websites that either inspired me to get started or on their own are inspirational websites.  These may also be just a tad further along than your host here, too. 

I highly encourage you to visit:

Delighted Momma - As a fellow Type 1 Diabetic, this blog is extremely practical, full of advice, and fun to read! 

Young House Love - Who doesn't know YHL?  If you don't, you should.  From DIY projects to cute pics of their little one to ideas for date night!  Great blog.

Mercy Ships - What kind of recruiter would I be if I didn't tell you a little about what I do every day, right?  Check out THE BEST opportunity you'll ever have to change a life (or two).  And, of course, if you have any questions - you know who to ask! 

Jones Design Company - A blog full of design ideas from your home to stationary and of course, sewing tutorials!  Her name is Emily, too - which is always a good sign. 

Colette Patterns- Great tutorials for more of the "expert" status sewer.  Shop for cute patterns, too!

A Bowl Full of Lemons - It doesn't get more fresh than this, friends!  You may remember, this is where I learned about my EAT project. 

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