Behind the Blog

My name is Emily and I became a "Mrs." in 2009 when I married my stud muffin, Jeff.  We are a family of 4 - no "kids" but we have 2 standard poodles that we include in our family daily - on their best behavior for Christmas (below).  I also claim about 40-60 youth on any given day of the week who are a part of our wonderful youth group at our church - which my husband leads fabulously.  Most days you'll find him at the church, while others you'll see both of us at sporting events, drama/choir performances, and many student activities cheering them on.  He's also a volunteer fire fighter.  I'm one proud wife! 
The Boys - Boscoe and Duke!
Hubs, Jeff, and I at a MN wedding shower in 2009

I'm from the South (in Texas) and love the hospitality, the handshakes and the home-cookin'.  I will gladly accept wine with any meal, especially Italian and an invitation to vacation with you or catch a great film.  I am a proud Auntie Em to the most beautiful niece in the world and blessed beyond belief with the most wonderful family and friends anyone could ask for.  I have entrusted my heart to my Savior, Jesus Christ who takes way better care of it than I ever could. 
As far as sewing goes...I stumbled upon this little treasure last year in the fall of 2011 when I made my first set of curtains.  And, of course, I was totally hooked.  This blog is dedicated to document my lessons, the wisdom I find, and to make tributes to those that help.  I hope to pass this on to my children, one day, as my mother and grandmother have passed on to me...I hope you find my adventures in sewing informative, honest, and at the very least...entertaining. 


  1. Love this, Emily! You are becoming quite the blogger!

  2. Welcome, Brandewyne! Glad to have you on board!! :)