Monday, April 9, 2012

Celebrating Momma Bear

Today, April 9th, marks my fabulous mother's birthday.  I celebrate her today, although she deserves honor every day, really.  She's been the best mom to my sister and me and to say she's been a wonderful wife would be an understatement.  She displays grace, beauty and faith like no other.  She protects and consoles.  She loves and adores those around her and never meets a stranger, much like her mother, I'm told.  If you've ever met my mom, you would certainly agree.  And, if you haven't met her, you should!

A while back Mom earned her "Momma Bear" title when I was deeply hurting and in so much emotional pain.  I'll never forget the day she told me, "When my children are hurting, Momma Bear will come out."  In a moment of such distress and pain, she made me laugh.  My Mom is a gentle soul - wouldn't hurt a fly - unless you hurt her cubs and then Momma Bear comes out of her cave.  We still laugh about that day.  But, you better believe those words...

So, today, I celebrate my Momma Bear - for the times she protected me when I needed it most.  The times she fought for me when I didn't have it in me and for the times she just listened when we both knew she really wanted to talk.  I celebrate the Mother-in-Law she was the day she humbly gave me (with my precious Father) away to my sweet husband on our wedding day and how she continues to bless our marriage with her gifts and encouraging words.  I celebrate Su-Su, the grandmother she has become to my beautiful niece, spoiling her every chance she gets.  And, for the Su-Su she will be to my future children.  (And, I expect the same amount of spoiling, too)!  I celebrate her as a wife to my Dad.  Their marriage is a true example of love and faith.  She is a true example of a Godly wife, one I hope to be to Jeff through the years. 

And, above all, I celebrate you as Mom.  What can I say?  You are fabulous!  I love you and I know you are loved.  


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  1. What a perfectly stated and loving tribute to your lovely Momma Bear!! I count myself fortunate to call her friend.