Thursday, August 16, 2012

Throwing in the Towel

Shopping for Father's Day gifts is always a challenge.  You could say, each year I'm always ready to "throw in the towel".  Quite honestly, purchasing anything for the male in your family is nearly impossible - unless you go with the traditional gift card, tool box, or fishing gear.  Except, my Dad doesn't fish (often), he isn't really a "mechanical" guy and I'm really tired of picking up anymore Best Buy or Starbuck's as the "go-to" gift card for him.  It has nothing personal do with my Dad, my hubs or any other man in my life; men are just plain hard to shop for, right?  Can I get a holla' back on this one from my girls out there?

This year, I was going big, or going back to the gift card aisle.

After doing a little online research, I found a few ideas.  I came across this blog that gives you a great tutorial on creating a golf towel for that special guy in your life.  Perfect - my Dad DOES golf, so this was hitting the jackpot!  After picking up a few things at Hancock's and rummaging through the sale bins, I found some great fabric and pulled Sal (my sewing machine) back out to stretch her legs again.  

                                         What you need:
"Manly" Fabric (about 1/2 yard)Soft Fabric - terry cloth or I actually used flannel (about 1/2 yard)
Grommet Kit (instructions are clearly outlined on the back on how to use this fancy tool)
Hook to match your Grommet Kit
Thread to match your fabric
Iron-on letter (optional)

It went off with a hit - no pun intended!  I know Pops is swinging better, hitting further and you can definitely make bets that his game has improved with this little beauty by his side. 

I know Father's Day seems like it was ages ago - but life has happened in between the last couple of months and I've been sewing like crazy with my new little sewing busy.  Check us out Etsy or "like" us on Facebook to receive an extra discount when you shop! 

Happy Thursday!

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